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This song starts off with a lively piano solo with  that sets the tempo in a similiar vein to "I'm Somebody's Somebody Now".    The pianist really pounds the keys in this one and he seems to spark Annette to realy jump into the lyrics with all her heart.  Don't forget now that this tune started out as Ain't She Sweet and they had to modify the lyrics for her. This was recorded by Annette in January 26, 1927. It was recorded by Ben Bernie the same month and then followed by Gene Austin in April 1927. However, all the other singers that recorded this song were men that used the lyrics "Ain't She Sweet". Annette was the only women singer to record it (that I have found!)

Ain't He Sweet?

Look who's here
Look who's here
Here's the boy I am mad about
 Oh My Dear
When He's near
I just feel like passing out
So big and strong
So full of youth
Oh mama, Oh papa
tell me the truth
Ain't he sweet
See him coming down the street
Now I ask very confidentially
Ain't He Sweet?
Huh, ain't he nice
Look him over once or twice
Now I ask you very confidentially
Ain't he nice?
Just cast an eye in his direction
Oh me, o My
Ain't that perfection

I repeat
don't think he's kind of neat
and I ask you very confidentially
ain't he sweet?

What a man
I say
How he can, Hey, Hey
Look him up, and down
there's the handsomest man in town
What smiles he's got
get that style, he's hot
Me for him, no joke
I could love him if he was broke

Said, ain't he sweet
When he passes down the street
Everybody whispers confidentially
ain't he sweet

Ain't he cute
In his brand new checkered suit
Now I ask you very confidentially
ain't he cute
Can't you see
How I adore him
If he wants me
I'm right here for him

Oh when we meet
he just knocks me off my feet
and I ask you very confidentially
ain't he sweet

That's all