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                My Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now:  2:38

Her musicians on this cut are listed as "Her Novelty Orchestra", but actually it is only a violin and piano.  This song is along the same line as the "Tiptoe through the tulips" number.  Lover is overwhelmed with love for another but cannot tell them that they love them so they go out into the park to tell the tulips or the daffodils or the blackbirds or the bluebirds.  Basically, anything that will listen to them!  It seems to be comon theme in the 1920's at least for the songwriters of the time to take a walk when you are in love and contemplate with the flowers and birdies!  The songwriting on this number is somewhat dated and disjointed but in a testament to her singing Annette carries it off quite well.  Her presentation makes the number.

The nights all right
The days all right
The world's all right
and I'm gonna be all right
I am going to be so happy
I know
This morning I looked at the sky
heard the blackbirds say goodbye
and heard the bluebirds say hello
Listen can't you hear them singing above
They just learned I have been lucky in love
All day long I sing a song
that goes nothings wrong
My blackbirds are bluebirds now
Bad luck's gone on his way
Good luck had to come to stay
My blackbirds are bluebirds now
Told the little whipperwill
told the pretty daffodil
told the preacher on the hill
the wedding's Sunday
the honeymoon's Monday
Yes siree life's worthwhile
Look at me with a great big smile
My blackbirds are bluebirds now
Used to be lonely
used to be blue
walkin around
with nothing to do
watching and waiting
all the day through
for someone I could love
Out of a clear sky
bright as the sun
there came a sunbeam
second to none
I looked and I knew
that was the one
the one for me to love
Everything turned out so good
Any doubt I am knocking on wood
I'm as happy as a lark
No more sitting in the park
No more hiding in the dark
Father, mother, sister and brother
all said yes,
we said yes
and yes, I guess, means happiness
My blackbirds are happy little bluebirds now
That's all!