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Diva (1927-1930)


 Manufactured by the Columbia Phonograph Company for the W. T. Grant dime stores.  Grant's trademark
application claimed use of the label design beginning May 12, 1927.  In September 1927, Diva replaced Bell
as Grant's main store label.

Before 1930, Diva duplicated Harmony (2) issues exactly, using catalog numbers 2000 in advance of
corresponding Harmony releases (e.g.,Harmony 780-H=Diva 2780-G).  Electrically recorded masters were not
used consistently until late 1929.   The short lived 6000-G series, introduced in 1930, used some masters that were
not used on other labels.  By that time, the boundaries between Columbia's full-priced and budget lines had broken
down, and some late Diva issue used standard (but often renumbered) Columbia masters.

Columbia discontinued productioon of Diva for Grant in October 1930, although sales apparently continued for
several more months.

(Sutton, Allan and Nauck ,Kurt, American Record Labels and Companies: An Encylopedia-1891-1943)

Recording  Recording Date
Was It a Dream? June 12, 1928
For Old Time's Sake June 12, 1928
I Can't Give You Anything But Love July 24, 1928
I Must Have that Man July 24, 1928
Get Out and Get Under the Moon August 10, 1928
Lonely Nights in Hawaii August 10, 1928
Chicquita August 31, 1928
Maui Girl August 31, 1928
That's My Way of Forgetting You September 13, 1928
High Upon a Hill Top September 13, 1928
If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain) October 19, 1928
My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now October 19, 1928
You're the Cream in My Coffee November 8, 1928
My Inspiration Is You November 8, 1928
Sonny Boy November 9, 1928
Sweet Lei Lehua November 9, 1928
I Wanna Be Loved By You November 22, 1928
Is there Anything Wrong in That? November 22, 1928
Carolina Moon January 11, 1929
Maui Chimes January 11, 1929
I Faw Down An' Go Boom! January 15, 1929
Don't Be Like That January 15, 1929
In a Great Big Way January 17, 1929
When the World Is At Rest January 17, 1929