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This song comes from the hit movie,
Sunnyside Up, with Janet Gaynor.  This song and
the other hit song from the movie,  "If I Had a Talking Picture of You",
provides a clear insight into Annette's clear use of the mimic.  We are all
accustomed to the cute mimic of Helen Kane but here for the first
and only time we see an almost perfect rendition of Janet Gaynor's song
from the movie.  Incredible as it may seem, I think Annette does a much
better job on this song that Janet does in the movie.  For one thing if you watch
the movie, Janet has a hard time singing with enough volume for the old
microphones to pick up her voice.  Perhaps therein lies the popularity of Jolsen
who could really "belt" out a song.  In fact, I remember one reviewer mentioning
how the popular vocalists of the day before the advent of electrical recordings were
all "belters" who had to really sing loudly for the old acoustical microphones to
pick up their voices.  Janet and Annette were similar in that they were certainly
no "belters" and yet unlike Janet, Annette could sense the right tone and volume
to accompany the musicians.  She sounds remarkably like Janet Gaynor in this fine
recording.  She could have played this part better than Janet could if she only had the
desire.  One other note, these cuts were released on the Harmony label which
normally would have Annette under one of her pseudonym's.  But on these
takes she is listed by her real name.  I suppose the sound of this record is different
from her normal Patsy Young interpretations that Columbia didn't want to
confuse it's audience.  However, I am a little surprised that they didn't make up
another pseudnym for her on this one as they obviously did for the accompanying

The musicians accompanying Annette on this one are labeled as "The Blue Streaks"
There is still some debate as to actually who these musicians were.  It has been speculated
that Manny Klein on trumpet (although Jeff doesn't think so) as well as possibly
Clarence Williams and/or James P. Johnson on piano.  It was recorded on
December 4, 1929.


I'm a Dreamer, Aren't We all

Aren't we all
in search of happiness
to each one it means
a different thing
To some its wealth
to some its health
to some it's only
what love can bring
Please don't blame me
if I used to
I'm the same as you and you and you
I'm a dreamer aren't we all