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I just love this song.  Quick and bouncy.  There are two versions included
in the CD.  The first is recorded on November 27, 1929 and included a lot of "hot
soloists".  The second version was recorded on December 16, 1929.  Included on the
first cut is Irving Brodsky and his orhcestra (listed as Frank Auburn and his Orhcestra)  Included are Manny Klein (trumpet), Tommy Dorsey (trombone),  and Jimmy Dorsey
(clarinet and alto sax).  Listen for the steam whistle  that one
member of the orchestra provies for a little added effects!

The second version recorded on December 16, 1929 included Manny Klein
(trumpet), Harry Hoffman (violin), Sammy Prager (piano), and Stan King (drums).


I have to have you

Lovin, I have to have lovin
but when I'm having my lovin
I have to have you
Moments, I have to have moments
but when I having my moments
I have to have you
Sometimes I get so blue
waiting for you to take me
I can't go on like this,
give me a kiss
and make me happy
New thrills, I have to have new thrills
but when I am having new thrills
I have to have you
Weekends, I have to have weekends,
but when I am taking my weekends
I have to have you
Night boats, I hate to take night boats
but if  I have to take night boats
I have to take you