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 Good-bye to winter
I'll see you next year
Hello to Springtime
Gee, I am glad your here

Listen you fliver
Get yourself outside
Come on my sweetheart
Take me for a ride!
Ho hum, spring is here now
Ho hum, skies are very clear now
Ho hum, love is near now for you and me
Ho hum, april showers
Ho hum,lots of pretty flowers
Ho hum, happy hours
For you and me
All the world is sweet once again
Heaven is at my feet once again
Ho hum, lazy weather
Ho hum, Feeling like a feather
Ho hum, We're together
And so, Ho Hum!
Seranding,Ocean Wading,Orange-ading
Ho hum!
Street musicians, great ambitions
Good conditions
Ho Hum!
Chocolate bars, milk from dairies
Motorcars drawing huckleberries
Twinkling stars, John's and Mary's
Strolling up and down the park
In the sky moonlight hovers
On the bed, soft and downy covers
On the street, lots of lovers
Finding lots of places nice and dark
There's one thing on which we agree
Spring is very young,
So are we
Oooh, frogs are groaning
Mandolins are moaning
Oooh, microphoning
From me to you
Ohhh, dear!