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This song starts off with a lively violin solo with Joe Venuti that sets the tempo in a similiar vein to "I'm Somebody's Somebody Now".  The lyrics are not that long or complicated as over half of the song is the violin solo.  It is just one of these songs that helps her become legendary as the musicians singer.  She lets Joe Venuti go with it and he sets the tempo rather than the singer.  And what a tempo he sets!  It is fast paced and up tempo.  The lyrics are so simple I wonder if they were not just ad libbed.

I Like What You Like

I like what you like
and you like what I like
 why can't you like a little girl like me?
I know that you know
that I go where you go
that I like you its plain to see
We could be happy
if you'd say the word
tell me that you want to
now you do don't you?
you will, won't you?
Let's have a showdown
and give me the lowdown
Why can't you like a girl like me?