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"The Entertainers"

Annette Hanshaw-The Reluctant Star

A CBC Retrospective From the collection of Tom Bewley

In the 1970's the Canadian Broadcasting company aired a special radio program dedicated to Annette Hanshaw.  It included excerpts from many of her songs and was an hour long.  It also had many excerpts from the Brian Rust interview with Annette.  I will include short excerpts to the show below.    Included below are the songs that were incuded in the show.  Eventually I will provide a written overview of the show here.   It is quite an interesting interview and quite historic.  I would love it if the CBC would re-release it on CD or tape for Annette fans.  Also, I have had  conversations with Frank Hanshaw III who is Annette's nephew.   He has in his possession an acetate tape  (the only copy) from a comeback album that she recorded in the 1950's with her brother Frank.  Unfortuantely right now he has them in storage in Atlanta.  Hopefully I can persuade him to find the old acetates of her combeback album and get together some of the parties involved with the Sensation Records to also release these tapes onto CD.  If not, he may include these tapes for inclusion into the website.

Part One

1.  Lovable and Sweet (1929)
2.  Six Feet of Papa (1926)
3.  Get out and get under the moon (1928)
4.  Moanin Low (1929)
5.  Little white Lies (1934)
6.  This little Piggy (1934)
7.  Moon Song (1933)
8.  Is there anything wrong with that (1928)

Part Two

9.  Give me Liberty or give me Love (1933)
10.  Captain Henry's Showboat (1933)
11. My Bill (1933)
12.  We just couldn't say goodbye (1932)
13.  Body and Soul (1930)