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Annette Hanshaw Fans and Collectors:

Preston Meeks-Houston, Texas-the premier "expert" on anything Annette.  If he doesn't have it, it doesn't exists! Has almost every single Annette 78 that Annette ever made on the original 78's!
Jim Thomas-Maryland-Jim has a small web site dedicated to Annette and was instrumental in getting the parties together for the Annette Hanshaw CD's retrospective.
Malcolm Rockwell-Hawaii-contributed a lot of Hawaiian cuts to the Annette Hanshaw retrospective.
Joe Werner-California-Web Master of the Annette Hanshaw web site.
Jim the 78 Man-the webmaster of The Big Broadcast Archive  (archives of the Rich Conaty Show)  Is a dedicated Annette Hanshaw fan.  Many, many Annette songs on various Rich Conaty Shows from 1998 onward.


Discussion Groups

Rich Conaty (WFUV-New York) Sunday Nights at 8pm-Midnight E.T.  Has a lively and dedicated group of fans that love and support Annette Hanshaw.  Sometimes  fans drive poor Rich to distraction!  Any time someone starts a discussion on Annette you can be sure it will last for days.  The Big Broadcast
78-L (discussion group centering around old 78 records and has a lively Annette Hanshaw discussion group (make sure to check under messages not lists)


Radio Programs on the Internet

Al Barnes Show (Thursdays from 9am-12 P.S.T.) This show is live streaming in Real Audio Format.  Make sure you have the latest upgrade before trying to listen to this show.  No Longer working
Rich Conaty's (The Big Broadcast)  Sunday Nights at 8pm-12midnight.  Uses Windows Media Player

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