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In this song, Annette has a lover, but he is untrue and she sings this song as if she had tears in her eyes.  In the final end though she seems to get her revenge as she knows that even though she has been lied to by her man, that eventually she knows that he too will love someone and that someone will cheat on him.  This song has a fine violin solo in the second chorus.  Also this song is a bit more mature than many of her other songs where she is bashful thinking of a man not wanting to tell them that she loves them.  Here she has a man but he in fact is just using her and telling her lies to get what he wants.  As my wife would say, "Men are pigs!"  Happily in this song she is not suicidal,  she has enough self worth to say someday buddy you will get yours.

Little White Lies

For just a night like this
filled with bliss
you've led my heart astray
was just a real sweet chance
to learn romance
in a perfect way
It was the end of a perfect day
Say, the moon was all a glow
and heaven was in your eyes
the night that you told me those
Littel White Lies

The stars all seem to know
that you didn't mean all those sighs
the night that you told me
Those little white lies
I tried
but there is no forgetting
evening appears
I sigh
but there's no regretting
in spite of my tears
the devil was in your heart
but heaven was in your eyes
the night that you told me
those little white lies

You may be having fun
and maybe you think your wise
who knew what your doing
with little white lies

Some day you'll meet someone
and you'll suddenly realize
you don't feel like telling those
little white lies

Someday you'll love that somebody
that you think is true
Someday you'll find the someone
is cheating on you

A smile will be on her lips
The tears will be in your eyes
Your heart will be broken
by little white lies


I keep on telling the daisies of the way that I'm blue
Oh so blue
pouring my heart out to them
but it never gets back to you
I keep on telling the daisies
underneath the sky
lonely sky
telling them how I miss you
but they never but they never do put you wise
Oh, I'm so in love with you
its easily seen that I'm shy
words just miss
when I'm feeling like this
my tongue is tied
I keep on wasting my love time
waiting for you
that's all I do
Telling it to the Daisies
but it never gets back to you