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This tune first got some major airplay in the movie "Street Girl" ("Huggable and Sweet")with Jack Oakie.  Jack does a pretty bad job of Lip synching the trumptet work in this tune but he hams it up pretty well and the tune is so good you just have to love it.  This tune seems to be almost identical in sound to the movie version. I would be curious if they didn't use the same musicians.  Its a bouncy tune that Annette carries off very well.  In fact, one can only wonder if Annette had sung this number in that movie if it wouldn't have made her a star in the movie business.  As it was the movie did not amount to much at the box office and the tune is the only thing memorable about the whole movie.   It has some good trumpet work and the clarinet is not bad either.  Also one of the few tunes where she does not say "That's all" at the end.

Lovable and Sweet

I'm not lonely
 I've got a real man
What an ideal man now
He's the only
person that I love
has all of my love
 and how

Talk about your perfect lover
and you couldn't help  discover
that he's that way
lovable and sweet
he's candy
How he's got the arms that thrill ya
lips that seem to whisper, will ya?
and he's that way, lovable
Six feet two with eyes of blue
Oh Gee, Oh Gosh
whenever we're all alone
Oh Gosh and Oh Gee
What happens to simply to good to be known

Bubbly over with affection
satisfying to perfection
Is he that way lovable and sweet

Talk about your nifty dresser
what a lover, some caresser
Is he that way
lovable and sweet

Dit -dit-do-do
Do I know just what I'm getting
when it comes to real live pettin
Is he that way
he's so

His touch
is such
that I simply loose control
His kiss
Oh what bliss
It weakens the heart but strenthens the soul
and although he's such a nice man
Could he ever be an iceman
yes he that way
so lovable and sweet
He's very lovable and oh so sweet