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"The Melody Shop"

Annette was encouraged by her father to sing songs to the guests at her father's several resorts in upstate New York.  It was at this time that Annette became interested in all kinds of music and wanted to hear the records.  Thus it was that her father bought her a record store that she called "The Melody Shop".  Herein I will  include some of the sheet music cover pages that she might have sung for the customers that came into her store.  Before I include any of the sheet music covers in this section of the website though I need to contact any of the addresses to get permission to post the front covers of the sheet music.   Even though most of the music publishers are probably long gone out of business, I still need to attempt to obtain permission.  Hopefully some of the music publishers will still be in business and can give their permission.  Concerning the use of front covers it is my understanding that the music covers would be permissable to use as it is an illustration only of the copyrighted music inside and as such not subject to the copyright laws.  The cooperative aggreement that Amazon. com lists with their vendors includes the use of 30 such front covers of albums as they are as such "advertisments" of the music and helpful to the artist not a detriment.  However, I not a lawyer and as such must error on the side of prudence.  Therefore until such time as I get a clear ruling on the use of front covers or permission from some of the music publishers I will not post any of the front covers of the sheet music.   If there are any individuals out there that are aware of the copyright laws, and in fact the limit of the copyrights (as many of this sheet music copyrights should be expiring soon) please forward email to me so that I can post for everyone.  Also,  anyone out there has sheet music of Annette Hanshaw that they are willing to sell to me, please email me with your asking price so that I can get back to you.  But for the moment, let's go inside Annette's Melody shop where she can share with us some of the song's of the day.To get inside "The Melody shop you must click on the link below.

Now without further ado.  Let's enter Annette's Melody shop.  As you enter you will find sheet music of the day.  Find some sheet music that you may like and go up to Annette and ask her to sing the lyrics for you.  Let's go inside now:

The Melody Shop