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Finally a pracitcal Annette!  No more wishing for her lover and quietly wanting for love.  This time she has a love and on top of that he's got lots of dough.  She may love him but his dad has got lots of money and it will be all hers!  Another departure from the regular Annette is that she asks for the audiences response:  "hey look my baby over and tell me what you think".  This song also has some very dated lyrics.  I haven't heard "On the Q.T." for a long time.  That just means keep its betwen us, i.e. keep it a secret.  Also there are references to some old time movies stars like John Gilbert who at the time was making such films as "Love" with Greta Garbo and was a famous lover around the time of this song.  Also Peggy Joyce was a famous actress at the time that did a hilarious spoof with W.C. Fields in the film "International House".  What a compliment that her lover got a call from Peggy Joyce and he just cast her aside and gave the phone to Annette.  The truth of the matter is in the line "I was struttin down the line".  This probably refers to her going to work in a factory and all the other girls on the line are jealous.  In fact, she is a poor factory worker who has nothing but this wonderful sweetie that has his daddy's money and high hopes for the future.  It is wonderfully refreshing to hear Annette sing such a cocky tune.  However, there is a slight undertone in the first chorus when she asks the audience for help.  She has still got some of that old uncertainty about her lover.  

Mine--All Mine

My beau will be here in a minute
and you folks can do something for me
 Here's the taxi
and my sweeties in it
what I ask you now
is on the Q.T.

Won't you look this baby over
tell me, don't you think he's fine
Cause do, do, do, I want you to know he's all mine
Get a load of those two dimples
why kisses taste like wine
Oh do, do, do, I want you to know
he's mine, all mine

And if he didn't have a cent to his name
that wouldn't matter, I would love him still the same
but his dad has lots of money
It will all be his in time
Oh, do, do, do that load of dough
will be mine all mine

I've been kissed by experts
I've been kissed by sheiks
when my baby kisses me
I taste that kiss for weeks
I met Bill from Louisville
Loving Sam's my friend
where my sweetie starts to love
that's where those daisies end
Oh what  a lover
I'm telling you
not undercover
gonna prove it too

For all the other girls get jealous
when I'm strutin down the line
Oh, do, do, do, I want you to know
He's mine all mine
He can love like Johnny Gilbert
and Richard Dix combined
Oh, do, do, do
He's mine all mine

I'm so excited every time that we meet
I don't know if I'm on my  head or my feet
Peggy Joyce once  tried to phone him
and he put me on the line
And do, do, do
I said Peg go slow
He's mine all mine

Oh, do, do, do
He's mine all mine

That's All!