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 New Cd Released!

Sensation Records:  Volume 7

 Just received this email from Jess King at

Hi Joe,

 Hope you are well. I had come across your site two years ago when we first made two Annette Hanshaw CDs available on our site ( from the Toronto-based label Sensation Records.

I just wanted to let you know that we've just made the latest Annette Hanshaw CD available a few hours ago, along with two other interesting classics.

There might be a few people interested in knowing that these titles are available, hence the email.

Have a great weekend,
Jess King

Here is the link to the new CD:  Annette Hanshaw:  Volume 7

 Here is a list of the songs included:

1. The Right Kind Of Man
2. If I Can't Have You (take B)
3. He's So Unusual (take 2)
4. He's So Unusual (take 3)
5. I Think You'll Like It (take 2)
6. I Think You'll Like It (take 3)
7. If I Can't Have You (take D)
8. When I'm Housekeeping For You
9. I Have To Have You
10. Ain'tcha
11. I'm A Dreamer (Aren't We All?)
12. If I Had A Talking Picture Of You
13. When I Am Housekeeping For You
14. I Have to Have You
15. When I'm Housekeeping For You
16. Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love
17. When A Woman Loves A Man
18. Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love
19. When A Woman Loves A Man
20. I'm Following You
21. Happy Days Are Here Again
22. Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love
23. Lazy Louisiana Moon (take 2)
24. Pale Blue Waters (take 2)

It also includes the following musicians:

Phil Napoleon
Charlie Butterfield
Jimmy Dorsey
Irving Brodsky
Dick McDonough
Joe Tarto
Stan King
Rube Bloom
Tony Colucci
Arthur Schutt
Justin Ring
Ben Selvin
Manny Klein
Tommy Dorsey
Clarence Williams
Harry Hoffman
Sammy Prager
Jack Albin
Frank Ferera's Hawiian Trio

These cuts are all in chronological order just as they were recorded and included some
finest cuts that she made.  It encompasses many of the different personalities that she
would record as:  the Patsy Young, "Helen Kane",  impersonations are represented by the two
cuts, "He's so Unusual", and "I think you'll like it."   Her Leila Sanford psuedonym is represented
in the "If I Can't Have You" cut.  Her Janet Shaw psuedonym is represented on the following cuts:

Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love
When a Man Loves a Woman

Jimmy Dorsey is also well represented
on cuts:

The Right Kind of Man
If I Can't Have You
He's So Unusual
I think You'll Like It
If I Can't Have You (take D)

One interesting note:  take D of "If I Can't Have You" is included here out of order. 
Take D should have been included together with take B as they were recorded on the same day.
Also missing is " What Do I Care", which was recorded on February 11, 1930 which was rejected at the
time on all three takes.  It may have been a lost recording.  I know I heard that one
of the reasons for the delay in releasing these next two CD's was the quality of some of the
recordings.  I wonder if these two cuts that are missing are the reason.

However, these are only minor details.  The CD is very strong and well rounded in its
presentation of her material.  has done an excellent job in the album presentation and includes many
cuts from the CD for listening.  They also include 1:30 samplings for everyone to sample
her music.  I encourage all Annette fans to order this incredible new CD.

The link is included here:  Annette Hanshsaw Volume 7