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John Woodruff Photo Archive

Annette Hanshaw Memorabilia:  According to Preston Meeks in a personal correspondence 3 people got all of Annette's personal memorabilia.  All were friends of her late husband Herb Kurtin.  None got anything until after Herb died.  Then her sister called three fellows.  According to John, the three were; Will Friedwald, Roy Evans, and Bob Matthews.  Evans got all the phono records, many photos, and some paper goods.  Friedwald got her scrap book and most other paper materials, plus some photos.  Luckily, Matthews got some original photos and copies of much of the paper items.  Matthews has since died, but before he did, John had contacted him and got copies of the much of what Matthews had, including some original photos.

A while back  I asked John Woodruff to send me some "good quality photos" and
here is what he sent me:

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