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Preston Meeks-Houston, Texas


All lot of this web site will be eventually do to the kind and generous contributions of Mr. Preston Meeks.  He has been invaluable in his efforts and passion in getting "the information" out.  He has worked for years investigating and searching down for articles and records of Annette.  As many collectors already know finding information about Annette is relatively hard as she was not like most artists.  She didn't really want to be a recording star.  Therefore, information about her is relatively few and far between.  It is a tribute to Preston's determination and networking that he has amassed most of her collection.  Probably no one, other than Brian Rust has a bigger collection.  He is constantly searching for new data about Annette.  Therefore, if anyone out there has information about Annette please email preston at the following address:

Preston Meeks, Houston Texas at: