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With Every Breath I Take

From the 1934 movie with Bing Crosby "Here Is My Heart"
Harry would perform a number of Bing Crosby's songs over the years.
Crosby was so prolific in his singing career it would be hard not to sing
any number of his songs.

Songs from "Here is My Heart"

1.  Love is Just Around the Corner
2.  June In January
3.  With Every Breathe I Take
4.  You Can't Make a Monkey of the Moon

Columbia would continue to back Harry Richman for a number of years.

In 1936 he wrote and stared in the movie "The Music goes around and around".

As usual he co-wrote these songs with others.  They were:

1.  Harry Richman
2.  Lew Brown
3.  Harry Askt
4.  Victor Schertzinger

Songs from "The Music Goes Around and Around"

1.  Rolling Along
2.  This is Love
3.  Susannah
4.  There'll Be No South
5.  I'm Betting On You
6.  Life Begins When You're in Love
7.  The Music Goes Around and Around