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Annette could play two instruments, that of the guitar and the piano. Herein a little ditty that is somewhat of a comment to the world that yes she is capable of singing and playing the ukulele. Once again a little Hawaiian music that was fad at that time. Not much here, just to say politely that I have some talent and not just no-name singer.

I love a ukulele

I love a ukulele
I love to strum it gaily
I love to hum while I strum, strum, strum,strum
I know the songs Hawaiian
so must our sweeties sighing
we softly harmonize as we hum, hum
I know what I am doing
I never go wrong
at home or canoeing
I'm strumming along
some sweet Hawaiian ditty
Gee, don't they write em pretty
I love a ukulele song