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Volume 7 Annette Hanshaw (1929-1930)


This new release by Sensation is first class all the way.  John R. T. Davies did a first class job of doing the transfers.  I don't know if these were new old transfers that he had done before or new ones that he just did but he has really mastered the transfer of these old discs.  I know Preston mentioned that he supplied some of the discs for this CD so I assume that many of the transfers are new.  With the nice transfers, you can begin to hear the  musicians much more clearly, even some of the mis-cues that made their way through the takes.  The liner notes are mercifully done
on first class photo paper that will protect it from rabid Annette fans.  The liner notes are
done by the noted and respected author "Uncle Will".  And to add a bit of controversy Jeff
took the liberty of re-analyzing  the different takes.  Long published recording dates have
been changed to fit into a more likely scenario and Jeff spells it out in his liner notes by
saying that he let his ears be the judge.  What I did here is list all the takes by the old published dates to give the Annette fan a comparison to Jeff's lineup.  One of the most striking differences
in one of the songs is "If I Can't Have You".  The old publication date was October 31, 1929.  However,
when you listen to take D, the cuts are so, so different that Jeff moved it up to the October 19
recording date as they seem to fit better.  Part of the controversy here is that "If I Can't Have
You" was recorded on October 19, 1929 but "rejected".  That would have been take A.  Then
it was recorded as takes B and C and D on October 31, 1929.  What Jeff thinks happened,
I think, is that the cut we hear on this CD is take B made on the October 19th date, not on
October 31.  Who Knows?  Take C is evidently still missing.

Also, one nice new thing is that cuts that were never heretofore even listed as available are
showing up.  An example would be "He's So Unusual" take 2 is not even listed in earlier references.
Also, with "I think You'll Like It" we are able to listen to both cuts 2 and 3.  Earlier references only
note take 3 as being in existence.

This album covers a lot of territory.  Some of these cuts  were widely recorded by other
artists such as:  Bing Crosby, Lee Morse, Helen Kane, Janet Gaynor, Helen Morgan, and Ben Selvin.  On the individual cuts I will provide reviews of the songs along with other artists that recorded them.

One final note:  each of the links to the songs will take you to the site.  There you will be able to sample about a minute and a half
of the song.  If you would like to go directly to the directly simply click on
the link above.

The Right Kind of Man October 19, 1929 (take A)
If I Can't Have You October 31, 1929 (take B)
He's So Unusual October 28, 1929 (take 2)
He's So Unusual October 28, 1929 (take 3)
I Think You'll Like It October 28, 1929 (take 2)
I Think You'll Like It  October 28, 1929 (take 3)
If I Can't Have You  October 31,1929 (take D)
When I'm Housekeeping For You November 27,1929 (take 2)
I Have to Have You November 27,1929 (take 1)
Ain'tcha? November 27, 1929 (take 3)
I'm a Dreamer (Aren't we all?) December 4, 1929 (take 2)
If I Had a Talking Picture of You December 4, 1929 (take 4)
When I'm Housekeeping for You December 13, 1929 (take B) 
I Have to Have You December 16, 1929 (take B)
When I'm Housekeeping for You January 3, 1930 (take 3)
Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love January 27, 1930 (take A)
When A Woman Loves a Man January 27, 1930 (take B)
I'm Following You February 11, 1930 (take 3)
Happy Days Are Here Again February 11, 1930 (take 3)
Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love February 25, 1930 (take B)
Lazy Louisiana Moon  March 10, 1930 (take 2)
Pale Blue Waters March 10, 1930 (take 4)