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Here is Maurice Chevalier's version of this song from the ASV CD "Hits of 1931".  Notice the differences from Annette version.  This CD has both this cut and Annette's song "Would You Like to Take Walk? so I highly recommend this CD just for the comparison.  It would be interesting to have Rick Conaty ( play both versions of this song first with Maurice and then Annette for comparison.  The songs start out pretty much the same except for the changes in gender but look closely at the second chorus.  The two songs change dramatically.  Maurice's version give an impression that he is tired of walking and his feet are getting sore.  Annette's version seems to just enjoy walking.  However, both songs suggest that the man is trying to "pet" some more and linger but Annette or the woman in the song says no, buddy, keep walking!

Walking My Baby Back Home

 I've an agreeable baby
likes everything that I do
dances most every night
Movies are her delight
I sort of go for them too
But when movies and dances are done
that's when I have real fun
Gee its great after being out late
Walking my baby back home

Arm and arm
Over meadow and farm
 Walking my baby back home
We go along
harmonizing a song
or I'm reciting a poem
hours go by
they give me the eye
Walking my baby back home
We stop for awhile
She gives me a smile
and snuggles my head to his chest
And we starting to  pets
and thats when I get
her talcum all over my vest
After I kind of staighten my tie
She has  to borrow my comb
One kiss then
I continue  again
Walking my baby back home
Oh We-We
It's delightful for me
Walking my baby back home
I can't use every word I would use
I'll tell you when we are alone
Oh yes, yes
when we stop for a rest
I keep a lot to my own
By this time I will show you that I'm
just like a king on a throne
and then comes the fun
her shoe gets undone
Oh, yes I start tying it then
Sometimes I'll admit
I linger a bit
She starts making me walking again
Then we stroll
on my heel and my sole
feel like there down to the bone
Oh she's sweet
but it's bad on my feet
Walking my baby back home