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We're back to the old poor as you can be Annette in this one.  She is poor and cocky and new feeling from most of her records.  She is poor and happy.  She is here to prove in this one that you can still be poor and yet happy even esctatic with nothing at all.  The musicians in this one just play for scale.  There are no good solos.  The music is not a standout.  It is not bad just about normal for the day.  This is a small ensemble with more piano work than in previous cuts on this CD.  But it does have some good clarinet work in the second chorus.

We Love It

My dearest friend
Can't comprehend
 Why I am just as happy as a lord
Honey and I barely get by
but I wouldn't swap with Henry Ford
Oh, we ain't got dough, no-whoo-oo
There ain't no paint on the bungalow
what of it
We Love it!

We wear old clothes
wear old shoes
we don't eat nuthin but Irish stew
but what of it
Oh, we love it
We don't need Persian rugs to put our footsies on
As long as there's a stove to warm our footsies on
At 9 p.m. we lock the door
We got each other and nothing more
What of it
We Love it

We've got a dog
His name is Jim
Our  little dogs a high hat here
Oh boy, we love it
We hang our wash upon a tree
the neighbors give it the raspberry
what of it
We Love it

We bought our chairs and tables at a fire sale
they've been chipped off so much I think
they're chippendale
We write out checks in white and black
we send them out but they bounce right back
what of it
boy we love it

That's All