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Annette starts this song off with a cute little ad lib  that is uncharacteristic for her.   I don't think I have ever heard he do this beofre.She starts talking right at the start of the song.  Its as if she has rehearsed this song so much that she just starts talking to her imaginary lover.  The lyrics  are long and she has to sing fast in this one to get everything in.   It is just one of those songs that helps her become legendary as the "musicians" singer.  The musicians play an equal part in this fast paced song.  There are some very good guitar riffs in the second chorus.   The lyrics take over in this one.  Annette really has to sing a mouthful to get everything in!  The musicians help her out a lot in this one by playing it low key.  They do their job without playing to loud or to fast.  They perform a good ensemble.  This song becomes a delightful surprise if you've never heard it before and it lasts.  The lyrics will stick in your brain.  As usual Annette is quite poor and hasn't paid all her bills, so she wanders who it can be at the door so late at night.  Even though its eight o clock, she actually wanders if it could be a Doctor or the Dentist!  I don't think Dentist's made house calls even in those times!  At any rate, this is a cute little number from her early years.  After hearing it you can't help but go away without a smile on your face!

Who's that Knocking At My Door?

Who's that knocking?
Don't stand outside there
 Come on in here

I just had a thought, a feeling this morning
something good was gonna happen today
Now there comes a sound without any warning
I just know its good luck coming my way
Goodness, gracious can it be?
Someone's comin back to me
Who's that knockin at my door?

I've been waiting o so long
I just die if I'm wrong
Who's that knockin at my door?
I know it can't be the mailman, the coalman, the iceman
they've been here today
Can't be the grocer, the butcher, the baker
they don't knock that way

If my sweety's there outside
my arms and my heart are open wide
Who's that knockin at my door?

Me o my, My o Me
Guess I'm having company
Who's that knockin at my door?
See the time, it's 8 O' clock
sounds like a familiar knock
Who's that knockin at my door?

I know it can't be the milkman, the gasman, the breadman
who always collect
hope that it isn't that butter and eggman who writes out those checks
if it must be, used to be
Gonna lock him him, loose the key
who's that knocking at my door?

Can't be the plumber, the peddler, the porter
cause I paid those bills
hope that it isn't the Doctor, the Dentist
they can't cure my ills
If it someone that I've known
gonna make him feel at home
Said, who's that knockin at my door?

That's All!