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You Wouldn't Fool Me, Would You?

You'll have to go soon
Say you're glad you met me
It will be so soon
that you quite forget me
This I'll impart to you
For it is now or never
I give me heart to you
You wouldn't fool me, would you?
You shouldn't fool me, should ya?
Could you be true, now?
Could ya?
Or would you want someone new?
Don't let me think I own ya?
Then make me wish that I never, never
have known ya
You wouldn't fool me, would you?
because I am not fooling you
Don't be like that!
You wouldn't fool me baby?
say that you love me
You shouldn't fool me, baby
you know I love you
Would you be true to me, dear?
forever, and forever
or would you want someone
to tell your troubles to?
Don't let me think that I have you
all to my own
Gee, how I wish we could be all alone!
You wouldn't fool me would you
Don't take advantage of me!
Because I am not fooling you
Oh, you!