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This song is probably one of the best songs Annette ever did.  It has some of the best musicians that ever lived on it.  There is Tommy Dorsey on Trumpet, Ben Selvin on violin, Rube Bloom on piano and Andy Sannella on clarinet.  Annette has lost her innocence that she had in her early recordings and really has fun with this one.  In the second chorus she suddenly goes into a Helen Kane impersonation but does it in her own way in a very campy manner.  She plays it for fun without any hint that she is some innocent flapper.  She does it in a playful intelligent manner and it comes off well.  She even does a little scat singing.  This is also one of the few songs that does not have her trademark "That's All at the end of the song.

You Wouldn't Fool Me, Would You?

You'll Have to Go soon
say your glad you met me
 It will so soon that you quite forget me
this I'll impart to you
For it is now or never
I give me heart to you forever
You Wouldn't Fool Me, Would Ya?
You Shouldn't Fool Me, Should Ya?
Could you be true now, could ya?
Oh, would you want someone new?

Don't let me think I own ya
Then make me wish I'd never, never known ya
You wouldn't fool me, would ya?
Because I'm not fooling you

Doo-doodle puttt
Ump waddle doo
Don't be like that
You wouldn't fool me, baby?
Say that you love me
You shouldn't fool me
You know I love you
Could you be true to me, dear?
Forever and Ever
Would you want someone to tell your troubles to
Don't let me think I have you
All for my own
Gee, How I wish that we could be all alone
You wouldn't fool me, would ya?
Don't take advantage of me
Cause I'm not fooling you, you
Oh you