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The Songs of Harry Richman

Harry Richman was a colorful Broadway and Movie
musical star.  He made his talking debut in the  1930 movie "Puttin' on the Ritz"
and with a title song written by Irving Berlin he could not go wrong!
The title song  he sang  well (even did a bit of tap dancing!) and he also co-wrote
all the other songs in the movie.   With apologies to Fred Astaire, I think  I like
Harry's version better.  It is a rather non-descript movie and Harry does not have
the talented good looks to have become a matinee idol, he did a rather good
job with this number.  It was successful enough to become a number one hit.  The
movie also had an "Alice In Wonderland" two strip technicolor which in the height
of the depression was a big thing.  Obviously, United Artists thought the talents
of Harry Richman could pull in the box office receipts!  This movie is occasionally
played on Turner Classic Movies.

Listed below are some of his songs:


Song Recording Date
The Birth of the Blues 

(from George White's Scandals of 1926")  Also recorded by Dorsey Brother Orhcestra with Bing Crosby doing the vocals. 

October 23, 1926
Muddy Water (also recorded by Bing Crosby the same year) April 30, 1927
Blues Skies (also recorded by Bing Crosby the same year) May 14, 1927
I'm On the Crest of a Wave 

(from George White's Scandals of 1927)  Also recorded by Bing Crosby and the Rythym Boys the same year.

October 27, 1928
Puttin' On the Ritz (from the film by the same name)  also recorded by Fred Astaire February 15, 1930
There's Danger in Your Eyes, Cherie 
(from the film Puttin' on the Ritz)  co-wrote with Jack Meskill
March 1, 1930
Sing a Vagabond Song (from the film Puttin' on the Ritz) co-wrote with Sam Messenheimer and Val Burton March 8, 1930
On the Sunny Side of the Street (from the Broadway Musical "International Revue") April 19, 1930
Exactly Like You 
(from the Broadway Musical "International Revue")
May 10, 1930
It Was So Beautiful 
(from the film "The Big Broadcast")
August 27, 1932
I'm Betting on You (co-wrote with Lew Brown-Harry Akst, and Victor Schertzinger for film "The Music Goes Round") August , 1936
Life Begins When You're in Love (from the film "The Music Goes Round") August, 1936
Susannah (from the film "The Musics Goes Round") August, 1936
There Ought to Be A Moonlight Saving Time (written by Irving Kahal and Harry Richman 1931
One Little Raindrop (written by Harry Richman, Jack Meskill and Jean Schwartz) 1930
With Every Breathe I Take (from the Bing Crosby movie "Here is My Heart") 1934

This list is by no means exhaustive.  These are just some of the songs that I have come across
in my research and I will add more as I find them.