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This is the second album in the World Records Retrospect Series.  It is no longer in print but you can find it around in used record stores and sometimes at auction.

Annette Hanshaw
Vol. 2

She's Got It
World Records
Notes by Brian Rust (1977)


Song Title Recording Date
When I am Housekeeping for you December 13, 1929
I Have to Have You December 16, 1929
Cooking Breakfast for the One I love January 27, 1930
I'm Following You February 11, 1930
Telling it to the Daisies May 5, 1930
I've Got It May 5, 1930
If I Had a Girl Like You June 16, 1930
My Future Just Passed June 16, 1930
Little White Lies July 21, 1930
Nobody Cares If I'm Blue July 21, 1930
I want a good man (and I want him bad) July 21, 1930
The Way I feel Today July 21, 1930
Body And Soul October 7, 1930
Yes Indeedy (He do) October 21, 1930
I Hate Myself (for falliing in love with you) January 20, 1931
You're the One I Care For June 16, 1930
Would You Like to Take a Walk January 20, 1931
Ever Since Time Began February 20, 1931
Walking My Baby Back Home February 20, 1931
You're Just Too Sweet For Words, Honey of Mine February 20, 1931