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The Twenties Sweetheart


Black Bottom September 12, 1926
Six Feet of Papa September 12, 1926
Don't Take that Black Bottom Away October, 1926
Here or there February 1927
I gotta Get somebody to love February 1927
Wistful and Blue April, 1927
What do I care April, 1927
Nuthin' April, 1927
I'm somebody's somebody now June 1927
I like what you like June 1927
Ain't that a grand and glorious feeling June 1927
Who--oo? You-oo, that's who! June 1927
Under the moon June 1927
It was only a sun shower September,1927
Who's that knocking at my door September,1927
The song is ended November, 1927
Thinking of you November, 1927
Mine-all mine November, 1927
There must be somebody else November, 1927
Get out and get under the moon May, 1928
We love it May, 1928